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The Polyester Staple Fiber is used for a variety of materials, including mattresses, sofas, pillows, dolls, fabrics, automotive
interiors, and many more. It is classified as either virgin or regenerated, and is available in a range of colors. (white, black, etc.)
1. Virgin Grade
1) Virgin Hollow Conjugated Fiber (Non-Siliconized/Siliconized), 7/15D
2) Virgin Solid Regular Fiber (Non-Siliconized/Siliconized), 3/7/15D
3) Virgin Low Melt 4D
4) Virgin Semi-Dull Raw White 1.4D/3D
2. Regenerated Grade
1) Regenerated Fiber, Super A / A / B Grade (Non-Siliconized/Siliconized), 6/15D
2) Regenerated Mixed Color Fiber, 6/15D
3. Colors
1) Colored Black
2) Colored Green
3) Colored Beige
4) Colored Red
5) Colored Yellow
6) Colored Blue
7) Colored Purple
8) Colored Brown
9) Colored Orange
4. Ball Fiber
Excellent restoring characteristic when used in pillows.